Season 3 of Rescue Me began in May of 2006 on the FX Network.




Main castEdit

  • Denis Leary as Tommy Gavin (13 episodes)
  • Kenneth “Lou” Shea (13)
  • Sheila Keefe (13)
  • Franco Rivera (13)
  • Sean Garrity (13)
  • Mike Silletti (13)
  • Chief Jerry Reilly (13)
  • Janet Gavin (12)
  • Johnny Gavin (11)
  • Jimmy Keefe (5)

Guest starsEdit

  • Maggie Gavin (13)
  • Uncle Teddy Gavin (8)
  • Ellie (8)
  • Katy Gavin (8)
  • Colleen Gavin (7)
  • Michael Gavin (6)
  • Mickey Gavin (5)
  • Connor Gavin (5)
  • Natalie (5)
  • Angie Gavin (4)
  • Alicia Green (4)
  • Richard (4)
  • Nils (4)
  • Keela Rivera (3)
  • Damien Keefe (3)
  • Bobby Vincent (3)
  • Billy Warren (3)
  • Chief “Needles” Nelson (2)
  • Cousin Eddie (2)

Special guest starsEdit

  • Candy (1)
  • Jeannie Reilly (1)
  • Chief Perolli (1)


Picture Episode Episode Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate
Devil Devil 1 3 May 30, 2006
Johnny mediates a divorce agreement between Janet and Tommy, while Sheila asks Tommy to have a talk with Damian (Michael Zegen) about sex after she finds condoms in his room. In return, she'll help out with John Sr. (Charles Durning). Meanwhile, Sean is seeing someone new; Jerry's hit with a rate hike for his wife's nursing home; and Uncle Teddy's “at peace” in jail after shooting Connor's killer.
Discovery Discovery 2 3 June 6, 2006
At a singles bar, Franco meets an older woman (Susan Sarandon) while Tommy picks up a woman (Alexa Havins) who won't shut up. And Tommy's daughter Colleen will certainly blab to Janet about her dad's indulgent treatment of sister Katy unless he bribes her. Meanwhile, Jerry visits Jeannie (Peggy Scott) at her way-too-expensive nursing home, and John Sr. (Charles Durning) insists on having his 83rd-birthday party at his favorite Chinese restaurant---that no one else likes.
Torture Torture 3 3 June 13, 2006
Franco fears he's becoming the boy toy of Alicia (Susan Sarandon), the well-to-do older woman he's been seeing, and Tommy finds a way to end Damian's fling with his science teacher, Mrs. Turbody (Paige Turco). Meanwhile, Lou's growing increasingly unstable emotionally; Mike thinks about transferring out of the firehouse; the chief is growing increasingly desperate financially; and Sean is certain that he'll be “a dead man” when Tommy finds out who he's been sleeping with.
Sparks Sparks 4 3 June 20, 2006
The crew save children from a disabled school bus they pass on their way to a call in Harlem---and get a tongue-lashing from Al Sharpton (in a cameo) for “ignoring” the Harlem call; Franco discovers why Alicia (Susan Sarandon) is interested in him; Mike and his roommate (Timothy Adams) discuss their sexuality; Sean tells Tommy about his feelings for Maggie (Tatum O'Neal); Sheila has a proposal for Tommy; and Janet wants to talk to him about their settlement---no lawyers, just them.
Chlamydia Chlamydia 5 3 July 7, 2006
Tommy seeks out Johnny's ex-wife, Angie (Marisa Tomei), after Sheila runs into her; Sean breaks up with Maggie (Tatum O'Neal); Jerry and Rose spend a romantic evening together; Mrs. Turbody (Paige Turco) is jailed for statutory rape, a development that gives Tommy some relief but also a new worry; and Franco can't find his daughter, Keela.
Zombies Zombies 6 3 July 11, 2006
After getting hurt playing street hockey, Sean mistakes sleeping pills for painkillers. They do more than put him to sleep. Meanwhile, Tommy and Angie (Marisa Tomei) go on a pretend date they know Janet will find out about; and, after a close call, Lou gets a new perspective on firefighting from his Uncle Red.
Satisfaction Satisfaction 7 3 July 18, 2006
Tommy and Johnny have another confrontation while Janet and Angie (Marisa Tomei) renew their acquaintance; Sheila sees Tommy and Angie together and she's not at all happy about it; Maggie wants to get back together with Sean; Mike meets a woman at a bar, arousing Chris's jealousy; Franco finds out about Jerry's second job; and the money in the no-smoking kitty turns up missing.
Karate Karate 8 3 July 25, 2006
During a hockey game, Tommy takes all he can stand from a wisecracking NYPD foe until he can finally stand no more. Later, they meet again in the locker room. Meanwhile, Lou has an epiphany upon learning of Candy's arrest on drug charges; Franco meets someone who might be more than a one-night stand; and Sean and Maggie, Jerry and Rose, Teddy and Ellie, and Mike and Chris all arrive at crossroads in their relationships, as do Tommy and Angie (Marisa Tomei).
Pieces Pieces 9 3 August 1, 2006
Johnny has something to tell Tommy, who's distracted by fears for his future after visiting his seriously burned buddy Stack in the hospital. Tommy's also worried about the future of Ladder 62 in light of developments concerning Lou, Mike and Franco. Meanwhile, Sheila has a proposition for Tommy; Franco fears that his new girlfriend, Natalie (Sherri Saum), is keeping something from him; and Sean has a request of John Gavin Sr. (Charles Durning).
Retards Retards 10 3 August 8, 2006
Following a tense meeting with Janet, Tommy has yet another confrontation with Johnny. And Franco tries to befriend his new girlfriend's mentally challenged brother (Cornell Womack). Elsewhere, Mike puts in for a transfer; Teddy's conjugal visits with Ellie (Patti D'Arbanville) prove to be a letdown; Jerry gives some thought to what Jeannie's caregiver (Harriet D. Foy) has been telling him; and Tommy keeps his vigil at Stack's bedside.
Twilight Twilight 11 3 August 15, 2006
John Gavin Sr. (Charles Durning) disappears following an argument with Tommy over living conditions; Lou's new love interest doesn't sit well with Tommy; the new woman in Jerry's life could be dangerous; and Sean and Maggie (Tatum O'Neal) meet with a priest about their marriage.
Hell Hell 12 3 August 22, 2006
Another Gavin tragedy brings Tommy and Janet together; Jerry fails to show up for work; Mike looks for advice about his sexuality; and Maggie has a wedding surprise for Sean.
Bleached Beached 13 3 August 29, 2006
Tommy makes a promise to Janet to help her with the baby, but fails to share with her his and Sheila's plans for the future. Elsewhere, Franco checks in on his daughter, Keela, and several crew members plan their exits from the house.