Tommy Gavin
Tommy Gavin


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Last Appeared "Ashes"
Occupation Firefighter (veteran)
Status Alive
Played by Denis Leary

Thomas Michael "Tommy" Gavin is a veteran Firefighter in the tv show Rescue Me.


FDNY Personnel File Information (according to the third episode of Season 4, "Commitment".)

Date of Birth: December 19, 1960

Address: 27 Fenway Blvd #3, Brooklyn, NY

FDNY ID: #5536-K



  • Father: Michael Gavin dead
  • Mother: Martha Gavin (only mentioned)
  • Brothers: Johnny Gavin, Timo Gavin, Liam Murphy (half-brother)
  • Sisters: Peggy Sue (Maggie) Gavin, Rosemary Gavin , Anne Marie Gavin (only mentioned)
  • Wife: Janet Gavin
  • Children: Colleen Gavin, Connor Gavin, Katy Gavin, Wyatt Gavin, Shea Gavin
  • Cousins: Jimmy Keefe, Mickey Gavin, Eddie Gavin , Liam the artist (only mentioned), Jimmy's two sisters (only mentioned), Teddy's children (mentioned in season 1, in season 2 Teddy claims he has no kids)
  • Cousins Once Removed: [[Damien Keefe]]
  • Uncle: Theodore (Teddy) Gavin
  • Nieces & Nephews: Wyatt Gavin, Johnny Gavin's two daughters (only mentioned)
  • Other Relations:
  • Jenny Ng (former step-mother)
  • Sean Garrity (former brother-in-law, Maggie's ex-husband)
  • Angie Gavin (former sister-in-law, Johnny's ex-wife)
  • Sheila Keefe (former cousin-in-law, Jimmy's widow)
  • Peg Gavin (former aunt by marriage, Teddy's 1st wife, only mentioned)
  • Ellie Gavin (former aunt by marriage, Teddy's 2nd wife) tommy gavin did a tv show on 9/11 and telling how sad that day was and what and where he was at the time. on 9/11 there where a lot of firefigthers died that day but one was a sevier that told a what happen that day when those thowers fell there was debris


  • Canon (1 show, 5 seasons, 74 episodes)
    • Rescue Me (First appearance, 5 seasons, 74 episodes)